DIN 18799-1

Typical application: Ladder for building maintenance

  • The topmost rung must be at the exit level.
  • From an access height of 10,000 mm, the ladder shall be installed with an off set.
    The maximum length of a ladder section must not exceed 10,000 mm, an intermediate platform shall be designed as a resting platform for lengths in excess of 6,000 mm.
  • The off sets shall be arranged at equal intervals.
    It may, however, be designed at a different height on request or through the online configurator.
  • Distance of the rung-leading-edge of the ladder to the wall must be at least 150 mm.


  • If off sets are not possible for structural reasons, the ladder may also be designed longer than 10,000 mm in one single-section. In this case, the off set must be replaced with a resting platform.


  • The gap between the access ladder and the exit level shall not be greater than 75 mm. This is provided in the case of a standard wall distance between ladder and building of 210 mm by an exit step.






  • The standard wall mounting has a distance between the stile and the building of 210 mm.
  • Other fastening options are available, depending on the distance from the wall.
  • The distance between the individual fastening points shall not exceed 2,000 mm, they shall, however, preferably be mounted immediately beneath the rungs.

Ladder safety cage:

  • Distance from the lowest safety cage clamp to the floor: 2,200 mm to 3,000 mm.
  • Safety cage required from access height of 5,000 mm.