Customised solutions

Quality that speaks for itself

Our Quality

  • Quality planning for our customised solutions already takes place during the project planning phase.
  • Using cutting-edge testing technology, we can test even complex products in accordance with the applying standards and their requirements.
  • Our testing personnel are trained in the acceptance of welded connections and in inspecting cast and forged components in accordance with ISO 9712.
  • The quality of the materials processed by us is conformed by our suppliers using 3.1 certificates. In addition, we perform technical and visual incoming inspections.
  • Upon customer request, we also take care of the on-site acceptance of products.
  • Hymer-Leichtmetallbau is a member in the national mirror committee of DIN and participates in the international standardisation of access technology at European level.

Our certifications

  • The HYMER modular system for our customised solutions has been inspected and certified by DEKRA in accordance with the applicable standards.
  • Our catalogue products such as bridging steps, steps and platform steps are type-tested and certified by DEKRA.
  • When requested by customers, we also provide DEKRA type testing for our special designs.
  • Thanks to the successful EN 1090 certification, customised products for design supervision can be offered. Qualified specialised personnel conducts the respective inspections and creates the required documentary records for our customers. Our suppliers are certified and licensed in accordance with the requirements of the EN 1090 standard.
  • Hymer-Leichtmetallbau is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • We are happy to issue certificates of conformity of our in-house production control in accordance with EN 1090-1.
  • All welding work is carried out by certified welders and supervised by persons trained as welding supervisors. Hymer-Leichtmetallbau is certified in accordance with EN ISO 3824-3.