Project example

Work platform for assembly activities

Optimum access for every vehicle shape


For assembly activities on the sides, rear and roof of motorhomes, a caravan manufacturer requires a suitable work platform.

project example


The customer receives a work platform which is height-adjustable on multiple sides and simultaneously enables optimum access for assembly activities on the sides, rear and roof of the vehicle. The height is mechanically adjusted using a selflocking rack-and-pinion drive, which is operated by a hand crank. The length of the work platform’s transverse intermediate element can be adjusted, so thatvehicles of various widths can be processed. Additionally, it is equipped with multiple pullouts, which enable the platform to be optimally adapted to the shape of the vehicle’s rear. Further supplementary features such as tool trays, insertable rail elements, centrally braked castors, anti-fatigue  ooring, shock protection devices and security markings round out the functions of the work platform.

Technical data 

  • Platform length:
    2 × 8.800 mm and 1 × 2.350 mm
  • Platform width:
    800 mm
  • Senkrechte Höhe Steg:
    1.600 - 2.500 mm (stufenlos einstellbar)