Project example

Work platform for aircraft manufacturing

Best possible integration into the manufacturing process


In order to perform assembly work on aircraft safely and efficiently, a globally active systems provider of production and testing plants requested various work platforms for accessing different parts of an aircraft.

Project example


The customer required several work platforms for integration into the manufacturing process of commercial aircraft in line production. These were platforms to access various assembly stations on the outside of the aircraft, for example the landing gear, and assembly platforms with added lighting function for the interior design.

The platforms are equipped with telescoping pullouts so that they can be perfectly adapted to the contour of the respective aircraft component. All sides of the platforms facing the aircraft are equipped with collision-preventing devices to prevent damage.

The work platform displayed here has been used for the assembly of the nose wheel on aircraft. The platform is not merely the workplace of the assembly workers. Furthermore, the JIG (clamping and installation device) closes in tightly on the nose wheel and, upon actuation of a crank, lifts it to the position in which it can be attached to the landing gear.