Project example

Mobile work platform as machine access

Easy to climb in, thanks to a lowerable basket


To enable maintenance and service work to be performed on a vertical grinding machine, a machine tool manufacturer requires safe and functional access to the electronics in the upper section of the machine.

Project example


We have met the demand creating a mobile work platform with a lowerable basket. Using a manually operated crank on the platform, the basket can be lowered to the desired height right in the middle of the machine’s electronics. The basket is accessed by a similarly lowerable ladder on the platform. The service employee can access the platform itself by way of 60-degree stairway. The work platform has been adapted to the contours of the machine and equipped with spacers at the contact points to avoid any damage to the machine.

Technical Data

  • Platform length:
    750 mm
  • Platform width:
    800 mm
  • Vertical height of platform:
    3.075 mm
  • Basket steplessly adjustable from :
    3.075 - 2.275 mm