Project example

Fixed vertical ladders and walkways

In focus: Standards, structural engineering and safety


For the purpose of maintenance, the silo tank installation of a large French brewery was to be equipped with various access ways to the roofs of the silos and with uncomplicated, safe walkways between the individual silo towers.

Project example


For the specific requirements of the customer, we delivered a specially tailored system of fixed vertical ladders and walkways making it possible to climb to the silo roofs and walk to all fermenting silos easily and safely. Platforms surrounding the manholes of the silos ensure particularly high convenience and safety in maintenance.

The static conditions and the possible load of the roofs have been fully taken into consideration in coordination with the commissioned silo and tank systems manufacturers. The fixed ladders comply with the European EN ISO 14122-4 and the French NF E85-016 standards.

Technical data

  • Total installed ladder components:
    29.200 mm length
  • Total installed safety cage:
    27.800 mm length
  • Longest installed vertical ladder:
    13.300 mm length