Project example

Assembly platform for fire engines

Seperately height-adjustable - freely combinable


 For the safe assembly of roof equipment on various ­fire engines, an Italian manufacturer of commercial vehicles had a demand for a height-adjustable work platform that should be as flexible as possible.



Speci­fically for these demands, we have developed a five-piece assembly platform in which each element of the platform can be separately adjusted in height and braked centrally for each axle using a cranking mechanism. The individual platform elements can be connected to each other using clamping elements. Handrails that can be flexibly ­fitted ensure comprehensive protection in all possible combinations.

Technical data

  • Vertical height:
    2,200 – 3,500 mm (steplessly adjustable)
  • Stairway inclination:
    32 – 61 degrees
  • Side dimensions combined:
    11,000 mm (both sides)
  • Side dimension short:
    8.500 mm
  • Platform width:
    1.000 mm